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Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Photo by Tom McCorkle and food styling by Gina Nistico; for The Washington Post   In these two-bite stuffed mushrooms, a luxurious garlic-and-herbed spinach filling is mounded into mushroom caps and sprinkled with Parmesan. They are then baked until the mushrooms are nearly bursting with juiciness and the filling is warm throughout and beautifully brownedRead More

Summer Vegetable Sauté

  This is my go-to side dish all summer long when fresh-picked corn, ripe tomatoes, zucchini and basil are bountiful at the farmers market. This vegetable sauté is a savory, sweet, floral, and full of the fresh flavors and brilliant colors of the season. I usually serve it as a side with grilled chicken orRead More

Babaghanouj (Smoky Eggplant Dip)

  To achieve its quintessential smoky flavor for this creamy eggplant dip, you start by cooking a whole, uncut eggplant directly on the grates of a gas stove top, or on a grill, until it is charred all around, a technique that might seem slightly radical but it’s very easy—and fun— to do. (If youRead More

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Fresh Fruit

Photo by Tom McCorkle and food styling by Lisa Cherkasky; for The Washington Post   These cottage cheese pancakes are lightly crisped outside and tender inside, with noticeable nubs of cottage cheese curds and bits of fresh fruit throughout and on top. Held together with egg and a little whole grain flour, and lightly sweetenedRead More

Rainbow Vegetable Sandwich with Curried Tofu Salad

Photo by Tom McCorkle and food styling by Gina Nistico for The Washington Post   This rainbow vegetable sandwich dishes up layers of colorful vegetables and a creamy, yellow curried tofu salad piled between slices of hearty whole-grain bread. Feel free to build your own rainbow based on whatever vegetables you like or have around,Read More