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“California Roll” Avocado Toasts

Photo by Tom McCorkle and food styling by Gina Nistico for The Washington Post   This recipe is something of a smash up of an avocado toast and a California roll—with wasabi-spiked avocado spread onto crunchy rice cakes, topped with crab and then showered with a confetti of crushed crispy seaweed snacks. It’s as satisfyingRead More

Nori Egg Salad Wraps

Photo by Tom McCorkle and food styling by Gina Nistico for The Washington Post   These egg salad wraps—made with a simple mustard-seasoned egg salad, with cucumber, scallion and sprouts wrapped in sushi nori— make for a tasty and healthful breakfast or snack. Make a batch of the egg salad ahead and have the otherRead More

No-Bake Sesame Peanut Chews

This recipes is excerpted and adapted from Good & Sweet: A New Way to Bake with Naturally Sweet Ingredients, by Brian Levy, 2022, Avery   These chewy treats, based on the Bravanese laddu (a Somali confection) are really my kind of sweet snack. They remind me of those crunchy sesame bars sold at delis aroundRead More

Green Bean Casserole

Photo by Quentin Bacon   This fresh-ingredient version of the holiday classic is easy to make and the taste payoff is big—the snap of steamed beans, lots of meaty mushrooms, fresh garlic and thyme, and real Parmesan—all topped with crispy onion or shallots. (The one short cut I find really worth it to use store-boughtRead More

The Mediterranean Diet Isn’t Just About What You Eat, It’s Also How You Eat

The magic of the Mediterranean diet is that it manages to satisfy chefs and nutritionists at once. With its bounty of vegetables and fruit; garlic and herb seasonings; beans, nuts, and ancient grains; its luxurious use of olive oil; and, of course, good wine, it offers plenty of inspiration for any food lover.  There isRead More