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Episode 1

Episode 1: Reframe Food as Usually, Sometimes or Rarely

In this first episode of her podcast, Ellie speaks directly with listeners, introducing them to “one real good thing” that she thinks is one of the most transformative changes you can make. It’s a simple shift in mindset away from the all-or-nothing approach so many fad diets advocate, toward a more balanced, realistic food philosophy that is the foundation of all of her delicious, healthy recipes. Join Ellie as she helps us get out of the good/bad food trap and shares how her Usually, Sometimes and Rarely food perspective can put you on a lifelong path of flavorful, healthy eating. 

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Ellie Krieger

Well known from her Food Network show “Healthy Appetite” and Public Television series “Ellie’s Real Good Food,” Ellie Krieger is a New York Times bestselling, two-time James Beard Foundation award winning, and IACP award winning author of 7 cookbooks. She is a weekly food columnist for The Washington Post and has also been a columnist for Fine Cooking, Food Network magazines and USA Today. A registered dietitian nutritionist who earned her bachelors from Cornell University and her masters from Teachers College Columbia University, Ellie finds happiness living in NYC, where most days you can find her walking or biking around Central Park.

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