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Just as a good marriage elevates each partner, certain foods are better—for health and taste– when eaten together. Scientists are beginning to uncover food combinations that work synergistically to boost nutrient absorption and antioxidant potency, beyond the sum effect of the foods eaten alone. Many of these pairings enhance each other flavor-wise too. Here are three nutritional power-pairings that are perfect for the summer season:

Mixed Berries – A study published in Biochemistry, examining the antioxidant power of berries, revealed that a mix of berries eaten together provided significantly more cardiovascular protection than when they were eaten separately. It seems each berry variety offers a unique array of antioxidants that complements and enhances that of the others. So for color, taste, and health, toss together a bowl of juicy summer blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.

Fish and Curry Powder – According to a study in the journal BMC Cancer, two big cancer inhibitors, DHA (the healthy fat in fish), and curcumin (an active compound in yellow curry) work much better when eaten together than they do separately. They also bring a lot to the table flavor-wise. Taking advantage of this dynamic duo is as simple as sprinkling some yellow curry powder on your salmon or trout fillet before cooking.

Tomatoes with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – There is nothing as divine as a ripe, summer tomato,  made all the more luscious with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. It turns out that combination does a whole lot more than taste good. The oil helps your body absorb the tomato‚Äôs potent fat-soluble antioxidants, lycopene, and other carotenoids, which benefit every organ in the body, especially the skin and heart. Extra-virgin olive oil, also packed with antioxidants and full of deep fruity flavor, is the ideal choice for the job.

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