‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry; so chances are the coming weeks will be packed with parties, treats and indulgent annual traditions. Instead of mindlessly diving in and ignoring the repercussions until January 1st, keep your head about you. Choose wisely and you can have your jollies and still feel good in your jeans on New Year’s Day. Here are some simple holiday swaps that will save you calories without putting a dent in your festive mojo.

Instead of: a chocolate truffle (105 calories)
Go for: a candy cane (40 calories)
Save: 65 calories

Unwrap an iconic red and white peppermint stick instead of a chocolate bon-bon and get a sweet holiday treat for fewer calories and none of the saturated fat. Plus, if you can resist crunching into it, a candy cane lasts longer.

Instead of: a cup of egg nog (344 calories)
Go for: a glass of champagne (154 calories)
Save: 190 calories

Egg nog is not only packed with calories, one cup has a whopping 11 grams of saturated fat; that’s half a day’s worth! Why swallow that when you can celebrate with a large flute of tiny bubbles for less than half the calories and no fat at all?

Instead of: a large handful of mixed nuts (410 calories)
Go for: a large handful of pistachios in the shell (160 calories)
Save: 250 calories

Of course nuts in their jackets are lower in calories than the same volume already shelled; there are fewer nuts in the handful. But, chances are, you will feel equally satisfied with that smaller portion, because the shells slow you down, allowing your brain to register the food before you swallow the whole fistful.

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*Photo credit Deb Lindsey www.deblindsey.com


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